Sunday, January 17, 2010

I'm not part of the EVE blog banter but I tought I'd post something on the latest choice topic.

"What now?"

Since this blog is fairly recent, it sounds a bit silly, but I figured I could give you fellows some hints on what I'll be working on.

Even though I havent had much time to play lately, I still enjoy EVE immensly and plan to continue doing so. :D
The amarr frigate spread was very well received, so I figure I'm going to build on that and paint at least one for each race, and probably try and incorporate some of New Eden's famous sites.

Depending on the feedback I'm receiving, I might start to offer my services to the capsuleer community, that is if I'm wanted to. ^^'

But for the moment the paintwork is suspended until my work project is completed. I'm handing it in to the jury in 2 weeks, and I hope to have more free time by then.
Until then, I'll post again if anything comes to mind.

Fly safe all, and enjoy the sights!

Sunday, January 10, 2010


For those of you who live in Europe and read about the Eurostar stopping, well I was trapped in England when that happened...

Anyway, I'm back at school again, and we're supposed to present our projects before a jury at the end of the month, so all my time has been focused on that, to the detriment of my other endevours, namely this blog.
I will try to get back with a post next week. Fly safe!