Thursday, December 10, 2009

So apparently CVA and Ushra'khan both had their fith birthday recently. :o Being that these two are adversaries in game I can't help but think (this is just speculation on my part, I have no facts whatsoever) that they wouldn't be where they are if both hadn't managed to survive for so long.
Rivalries are fun. ^^

While I haven't heard of any Ushra'khan events, I was lucky enough to be in the right spot to attend CVA's 5 year celebration parade.

I know that there's alot of fuss in Nullsec what with Dominion and all, but I'll toast to CVA for keeping providence open to neutrals for 5 years, and hope they will do so for at least another 5.
And another to Ushra'khan for keeping CVA on their toes. :D

I took some screenshots. :D
Too bad we don't have formation flying yet, but a fleet of 100+ is always a sight to behold.
Here are a few of the best ones

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